Blog re-design and transfer for Komplett.ie

It was great to be contacted by the guys at Komplett, Ireland’s biggest online Tech store and a multinational player in Europe, to redesign their existing blog. Their old one existed on WordPress.com and was pretty inflexible. Moving to a standalone version of WordPress has opened up the site and allowed for a higher level of design and functionality through theming and plugins. The new blog should better accommodate the wealth of excellent articles they’ve written .

Here’s some more info on the new design from Komplett themselves.

It’s nice that a job like this can come to little old Leitrim. Thanks guys.

PS – Credit to Frank Prendergast for the Engadget style Top Stories widget!

Live February 2010 – www.KomplettBlog.ie

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Posted in Recent Projects on February 9th, 2010
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