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  • Date:
    December 2016
  • Client:
    Handpiece Harry, Mayo
  • Link:
  • Type:
    WordPress, Website Design, E-commerce, Responsive Design

The challenge

Handpiece Harry had an existing WordPress website that was a little out of date design wise and lacking an online shop. I was asked to rebuild it with a modern, responsive layout and to add both a fairly complex online shop and ordering system for equipment repairs.

The solution

The shop was complex in that the dental handpieces for sale had lots of variations so I had to find a way of making it as easy as possible for customers to find the exact piece they needed. I achieved this by using a comemrcial filtering addon to WooCommerce to show all possible variations on the shop page. There were also a lot of custom photo compositions created for sliders and shop category images.

  • Handpiece Harry