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"Huge Converse"

  • Date:
    November 2014
  • Client:
    Portfolio work
  • Link:
  • Type:
    Photo Retouching, Photoshop Composition

The challenge

I take a pretty large shoe size so wanted to joke about how big they are and how much hassle it is to find and deal with large shoes. I also wanted to experiment making small objects appear bigger by placing them in unnatural scenes. I may have seen the film Gulliver's Travels around about then.

The solution

I took a photo of my own battered old Converse at roughly the same angle as the truck stock image I found online. I placed the shoe photo over the truck and warped it to match the angle and perspective more precisely then manually drew in the shadows and straps. Finally I added a new tree and skyline int he background.

  • Huge Converse