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Indiana Jones

  • Date:
    January 2019
  • Client:
    Portfolio work
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  • Type:
    Photo Retouching, Photoshop Composition, Indiana Jones

The challenge

I came up with this idea over Christmas 2018. And what's Christmas without some Indiana Jones movies? Also, I got a (weird but awesome) present of a Mexican day of the dead sugar skull so decided to do an Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom styled composition.

The solution

I took a photo of the sugar skull on my bed. The following day I was out walking in the grounds of a local castle with my kids, through a dense, jungle like forest when we came across a strange rockery which reminded me of something out of an Indiana Jones movie so I took a couple of pics of rocks that I though might suit as a cool background for the sugar skull. Back at the computer, I found a photo of the glowing rocks from the original movie online, an Indiana Jones style font and gathered all my assets in Photoshop.

From them it was simple enough to place the skull on the background, add shadows, Rock glows in the eye and nose sockets, lighting and colour to make it fit in better, add the stylised text and finish it all off with a photo filter and vignette.

  • Indiana Jones Sugar Skull