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  • Date:
    January 2019
  • Client:
    Portfolio work
  • Link:
  • Type:
    Photo Retouching, Photoshop Composition, Mask

The challenge

On the external wall of the apartment block I live in, I noticed a poster for an upcoming magic show from Ireland's Keith Barry. In it he holds and looks at a mask of his own face so I wanted to see if I could match it.

The solution

I got my Canon camera on a tripod in front of my green screen and took some shots of me holding and looking at my son's hacker/anonymous mask. I took the best of them into Photoshop and cut it out, adding a dark background gradient then cutting out my face, copying it and warping it onto the mask shape. I added some shadows and refinement under my fingers holding the mask and adjusted the overall tone and levels before adding the creepy caption.

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