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"Online Courses"

  • Date:
    June 2018
  • Client:
    Reverb Studios Design
  • Link:
    Photoshop CC Basics Course
  • Type:
    Scrreen tutorials, Online Courses, Camtasia, Green Screen

The challenge

I've been using Photoshop since about 2002 and gained my Expert certificate in 2014 and I'd been meaning to create an online course for a few years to convey some of that experience to Photoshop beginners.

The solution

I sketched out a course outline and list of topics I wanted to cover to give the learner a broad overview of where to start with Photoshop CC. Topics were also based on the most often searched for terms re "How to ?? in Photoshop". Once I had the course outline created I set about recording the screen tutorial videos using Camtasia. I also recorded a couple of on camera green screen videos to help promote the course. All content was then uploaded to Teachable and Udemy.

  • Online Courses