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"Under Water Window"

  • Date:
    Feburary 2018
  • Client:
    Portfolio work
  • Link:
  • Type:
    Photo Retouching, Photoshop Composition

The challenge

I'd seen similar photoshops on Pinterest and fancied seeing if I could pull it off from scratch myself effectively using a camera, tripod, model and photoshop.

The solution

This is the first project in my newly planned efforts to plan, setup and excute a combination of photography and photoshop composition in an effort to produce more professional results.

Myself and my model setup a scene which involved her balancing on a piano stool and chair back in front of a nicely bright window one snowy morning. I took two shots on my Canon with the tripod, one of the model posing and a second without her or her supports from exactly the same angle. I then combined both in Photoshop to get her on her own layer so I could position her more precisely and make it look like she was floating. I blended her into the background scene using brushes, masks and level/colour adjustments before finally adding a green, watery overlay, vignette, noise, sun rays, smokiness and manually painted in bubbles to give an eerie, moody final composition.

  • Underwater Window